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Silk Quilt

We use the good quality material for Silk Quilt production to get good touch with soft, warm and comfortably light (Size 150x220 Cm).

Silk Quilt With Special Qualitiess   Silk Quilt 100  Silk Size 150x210 Cm s Silk Quilt GRZ 53  70  Silk30  Rayon Collagen Size 150x210 Cm.s
 Silk Quilt (With Special Qualities)
Silk Quilt (100 % Silk) Size 150x210 Cm 
Silk Quilt ,GRZ 53 ( 70 % Silk,30 % Rayon Collagen) Size 150x210 Cm
 MG 1355  MG 1356 รูปผ้าห่มไหม  25-11-57


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